DFI Part - 5

“It is of the highest importance in the art of detection to be able to recognize, out of a several of facts, which are incidental and which vital” - Sherlock Holmes

Rightly said by Sherlock Holmes, because when you make mistakes in recognizing facts then it…

DFI Part - 4

The Investigator no longer has to read the suspect’s mind . People’s interest, secrets, financial information, and even personal relationships are now all stored on a digital device. So today, let’s look at steps involved in the Digital forensics investigation.

A Digital forensic investigation has five main steps :-

  1. Evidence…

DFI Part - 3

As a result of the fastest growth in technology, there is an infinite list of types and sources for Digital evidence, and in each case you’re involved in, there will be different kinds of evidence. So we are going to discuss in deep about Types and Sources of evidence w.r.t…

DFI - Part 2

This article will help you understand the Digital Forensics Evidence Life Cycle.

The digital evidence life cycle includes three main phases.

  • Acquisition
  • Analysis
  • Presentation

Part - 1

Digital investigators don’t have to try and read people’s minds anymore because people’s interests, hidden secrets, financial information, and even their love life; are all on their computer.

If you’re confused by the above statement, this article will help you understand the basics of Digital Forensics.

People generally don’t realize…

In this article we will see what cloud computing is , it’s characteristics ,it’s Layers , Deployment methods and Issues in Cloud Computing .So let’s dive in …..

Cloud Computing

It is an Internet based medium , through which information,shared resources, and software are provided to computers and other devices…

Before stepping into the technical details of Computer Networks, Every beginner must determine why people have an interest in it and what makes it necessary for the survival of any organization in this competitive era.Today we are going to learn about Network Goals , Advantages and Disadvantages of Network and…

Today we will be reading about Malware and it’s type . So without any further delay let’s get started .

Malware is a short term which is used for Malicious Software. It is a file or code that typically takes control of , collects information from or damages an infected…

In this article we will see what is SaaS, it’s applications risks and security challenges .

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a software authorization model in which entry to the software is provided on a subscription basis, with the software actually located on external servers rather than on servers located in-house. Software-as-a-Service…

In this article i will be explaining about Web 2.0 , Web 3.0 and it’s applications.

The nature of enterprise computing has shuffled adequately over the past decade. Businesses across sectors have been impacted badly in the present times. While some found it slightly easy to transition to remote working…

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